Is a Tuna Just a Tuna?

For most people, tuna is tuna. It all looks the same in its shiny can or sushi display anyways. The fact is, not all tunas are equal, and it’s time to start questioning what’s in the can. As Carl Safina points out in his recent article “Eating Tuna: What’s in your roll? What’s in your can?” there are about a dozen different species within the tuna family, and three kinds of Bluefin tuna alone. Which makes labeling a product just “tuna” troubling.

There's a lot more to what meets the eye when it comes to tuna.

With studies showing levels of mercury, GMOs, antibiotics, and other chemical toxins in certain kinds of seafood, it’s no wonder that mystery fish and untraceable shellfish make us very worried. While it’s tempting to throw in the towel all together, we are convinced that the health benefits and taste of tuna are worth fighting for!

Our extra work makes sustainable tuna poke all the more delicious.

Which is why we go through channels like the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch to ensure that the tuna we source is sustainably caught, chemical-free, and completely traceable. We’ve never sold Bluefin or Bigeye, and we no longer sell Yellowfin/Ahi or Hawaiian Albacore (Tombo) for concerns about health and overfishing.

The darling of sustainable tuna is the Pacific Albacore tuna, the kind you can find in our American Canned Tuna. Only small Albacore tuna are used, as they have negligible levels of mercury, but plenty of the good stuff.

Each 6oz serving has 8-10,000mg's of Omega 3's, and 42g's of protein!

It’s proven that the benefits of a seafood rich diet far outweigh the risks so long as the seafood is sustainable. Sustainable seafood is not only healthier for our oceans, but it's healthier for you.

Posted Dec 13th by Danielle