American Lobsters - Succulent and Sustainable [Video]


American Lobster, aka Maine Lobster, is a large-bodied crustacean famous for its succulent meat and large claws. Legend has it this abundant animal was once considered food for the lower class.   Back in colonial Massachusetts, indentured servants were so incensed at the frequency they ate lobster, they rebelled and got a law instated lobster was to be fed no more than three times a week!

American Lobsters are caught in traps off the coast of the Eastern U.S. coast from North Carolina north to Newfoundland.  They prefer a rocky ocean floor and are found at depths of about 150 feet. Burrowing during the day, they come out at night to feed on on clams, crabs and anything else they catch and crush with they claws.

Thanks to best management practices, their number has increased greatly during the last decade. There is concern, however, due to entanglements of whales in lobster fishing gear.  Recently, measures and programs have been put in place to change gear and include management programs to lower the number of whales affected by the lobster fishing industry.

Lobster is delicious boiled, grilled, steamed, baked, fried... you name it!  It's so delicious, it now has it's own day of recognition - June 15 is National Lobster Day.  But much like Earth Day, it's good to celebrate anytime of year!

Our friend, Chef Andrew of SlapFish, shows a simple way to prepare delicious lobster tails in about 5 minutes!

Posted Jun 13th by Martin