American Tuna Pole Caught Wild Albacore

American Tuna takes the humble can of tuna and exalts it to the premium fish category.  All tuna are caught one at a hand off the Oregon coast, only sushi quality tuna are used and they are all canned locally and cooked only once making it the best tasting tuna you have ever had.


American Tuna is awesome canned tuna – a wedge of hand-filleted albacore cooked in its juices, rich and deeply flavorful. Pole or troll caught by Pacific Coast families -- Sunset Magazine


Hailed as the best canned tuna by Cook's Illustrated, New York Times, GQ and Bon Appetit Magazine, to name a few. And it's no wonder why:

  • Harvested from the MSC Certified Sustainable American Pole & Troll Albacore Fishery.
  • Traceable back to the individual Harvest Vessel
  • 8 to 10,000mg’s of Omega 3
  • 42g’s of Protein per 6oz serving!
  • Small, Low Mercury Albacore Tuna.
  • Packed by Hand in America.
  • Single Cooked, Natural Fish Oil Pack.
  • The Highest Quality Canned Tuna Product Anywhere in the World.

We're both on a mission to provide a canned tuna that is healthy for the family, the fishermen, and the ocean.  Together, i love blue sea and American Tuna are thinking outside the can.

Posted Oct 31st by Martin