An interview with Jackie Marks of SeaWeb

A few months back, I got an email from Megan at SeaWeb asking me if I would be interested in meeting with their president, Dawn Martin.  Ecstatically,  I emailed back that I could probably make some time :)


In the months that followed, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know many on their staff, including Jackie Marks, their Manager of Media Communications.  We spoke by phone today and got to discuss everything from Costa Rica to Hong Kong.

While studying Resources and Sustainable Development, Jackie was able to get some hands on experience in Costa Rica learning about destructive fishing practices and shark-finning.  Realizing just how pervasive these issues are, and wanting to make a positive change, she found herself working at SeaWeb, an organization that prides itself on being able to bring together all the stakeholders in Ocean Conservation.


Sustainable Seafood is a big issue they tackle and for the past ten years, they have been hosting a Seafood Summit, bringing together both non-profits and for-profits in seafood, primarily in North America and Europe.  This year marks their first foray into Asia, with their tenth summit this September in Hong Kong.  Asia is a major player in seafood and it is exciting how many new faces will be at the table this year.

Other important topics they cover are communicating what seafood is safe for pregnant mothers and kids with their KidSafe Seafood program and working with jewelers to educate them about coral conservation at Too Precious to Wear.

What I find most inspiring is that though they are a small organization, they dream big; something we can certainly relate to.  It’s nice to know that despite some very powerful interests, our Oceans have a strong champion on their side with SeaWeb.

Posted Apr 26th by Martin