Anna Marie Shrimp

For Lance Nacio, owner of Anna Marie Shrimp, shrimping is not just an industry—it’s a way of life.

Lance Nacio, owner of Anna Marie Shrimp, and captain of the F/V Anna Marie.

Since 1998, Lance Nacio has captained the shrimp boat F/V Anna Marie, named for his daughters. Raised on the bayou, Lance is dedicated to building a legacy where tradition meets innovation.

By utilizing freezers on-board the Anna Marie, the freshness of these white Gulf shrimp is locked in within hours of being pulled from the water.

Famous restauranteurs and environmental scientists alike call Lance a "visionary" and "gutsy". After Hurricane Katrina, Lance used the low-cost loans to invest in an on-board freezer system. While this technology is used in Alaska and Canada, it was unheard of in the shrimp industry, making Anna Marie Shrimp a pioneer.

Sorting freshly caught white Gulf shrimp before they head to the freezers.

Customers are now able to access pristine, fresh frozen, wild Gulf shrimp that are harvested using much less gas per pound.

The F/V Anna Marie taking a quick break from shrimping.

By investing in environmentally responsible fishing methods, Anna Marie Shrimp is ensuring that Louisiana shrimp will thrive for the next generation of fishermen.

i love blue sea is proud to offer the finest white Gulf shrimp nationwide.

“Born Free. Caught Wild. Delivered Tomorrow.” This is the promise of Anna Marie Shrimp.


Posted Apr 1st by Danielle