Best Seafood in San Francisco - How to Find It

Looking for the best seafood in San Francisco is a bit like looking for surf in Hawaii. Sure its everywhere but ask any local and you're bound to find out that huge differences exist. There are a few important things that you should look for in a fish market.

The first and most important is trust. If you can't trust that your fish market knows fish, more than just about anything else, look elsewhere. It's also crucial that they have some sort of verifiable commitment to source sustainable seafood. Everyone uses that word so ensure that they have something to back it up. i love blue sea is the first and only San Francisco fish market to partner with Monterey Bay Aquarium in order to source according to their guidelines. This is good for your health too because we don't fish that are high in contaminants are not considered sustainable seafood.

Quality is the second most important aspect to look for in a San Francisco fish market. It's second to trust, because a trustworthy fish market will not sell anything that is not the best seafood in San Francisco. All of our seafood is sushi quality. Often times, you hear this called sushi grade or sashimi grade. We don't use these terms because they are misleading - there is no such grading that occurs. It really comes down to how quickly the seafood gets to you. Instead of setting out our seafood on ice until it is purchased, we fillet your fish and procure your seafood right before you get it. Unless you caught it, this is as fresh as fish gets.

One easy way to find out what others consider to be the best seafood in San Francisco is to look at the 'best of lists'. 7x7 Magazine puts out a highly regarded list each year ranking what they consider to be the best of The City. i love blue sea was voted Best Seafood in San Francisco in 2011.

Posted Dec 20th by admin