Blue Island Oyster Co.

Meet i love blue sea’s newest addition to our crew—Blue Island Oyster Co from the Long Island Sound in New York.

Starting with a simple mission to provide quality shellfish has turned Blue Island Oyster Co into the number one oyster and clam distributor in the New York area. Now these gems are available nationwide to you through i love blue sea!

Chris Quartuccio began scuba diving for oysters himself in 1995, delivering them fresh daily to chefs in Manhattan.

Try their Naked Cowboy Oysters—lively, refreshingly salty, and inspired by the Naked Cowboy, himself, known to play Times Square in NYC.

Naked Cowboy Oysters win most popular!

Of course there is no Blue Island Oyster Co. without the world-famous Blue Point Oysters, with a crisp texture and whispers of celery on the finish, it's the only oyster officially named Blue Point.

The one and only Blue Point Oysters!

The Great South Bay has become famous throughout the world as the only place legally allowed to farm and sell the Blue Point oyster.

The strong current, abundance of algae and phytoplankton, and select minerals in the Great South Bay create a perfect environment to cultivate oysters.

From their farm to your door less than 24 hours after being harvested, i love blue sea is proud to present Blue Island Shellfish Company: the only source of genuine Blue Point Oysters on planet Earth.

Posted Nov 12th by Danielle