Captain Ken Burns

Meet Captain Ken Burns, the first fisherman we are working with on our mission to reconnect consumers directly with fishermen.  Ken grew up in Eureka, California, and spent most of his childhood fishing and hunting along the local rivers, bays, and of course, the vast Pacific Ocean.







In his early twenties he got his first job as a commercial fisherman trawling on the fishing vessel, Pearl Harbor.  From there his love affair with the ocean grew and brought him to Kodiak, Alaska where he spent 8 years long-lining halibut.  Ken would later find his way back to Eureka where he would purchase the AL-W, a 52 foot vessel built in 1963 from Port Orford Cedar.  It is one of few boats built entirely by one person.


Captain Burns has owned and operated the AL-W for over 20 years, and fishes year round.  From December to July he and his crew harvest live Dungeness Crabs, and in the summer months they travel up and down the coast, and as far as 150 miles out, in search of pacific Albacore.  Every fall, they pull the boat out of the water so they can sand and paint the entire hull.














Ken is without a doubt one of the hardest workers out there, but that is not say that he doesn’t have a life outside of fishing; he is a family man first and foremost.  Between the long hard hours of fishing he has raised three sons and I’m proud to be one of them.  You could say that he has sacrificed a lot in order to put a roof over our heads.  With an industry that gets tougher to make a living in each year, it becomes increasingly important to support fisherman like Captain Ken Burns.


Posted Jun 11th by Martin