Captain Rocky Burns


Hi, I’m Rocky and am the newest member of the i love blue sea team. This is my introduction to you as a second-generation fisherman. My introduction to the fishing industry came a long time ago--at birth, in fact. Both my twin brother and I were named after fishermen.

My father, Ken Burns, has been a commercial fisherman up and down the West Coast for over 30 years.

My mother, Helen Burns is, for lack of a better word, a living legend in the fishing community.  She was one of the first women to work as a long-line halibut fisherman in Kodiak, Alaska and is currently the only female fishing guide on Oregon’s lower Rogue River.



Needless to say I practically grew up on boats and around the salty sea captains I still look up to today.





At the age of 23 I became a captain myself.  The industry looks a bit different through the glass of a wheelhouse, and that’s when I began to understand the struggle of fishermen and the industry as a whole.  Somewhere along the line the general public lost its connection with the men and women who brave the seas each day.









For this reason I have teamed up with the crew at i love blue sea to develop a  system that will bridge that gap and give back a voice to fishermen in an  industry that has been silenced by large corporate control, biased media, and  hard economic times (I’ll explain more about this in subsequent blog posts).





Together it is our mission to put a face behind the product, one fish, one  person, and one story at a time.

Posted Jun 11th by Martin