Dadliest Catch - Father's Day Special

This year for Father’s Day, our new i love blue sea team member, Captain Roscoe (Rocky) Burns, wanted to help his Dad, Captain Ken Burns, receive fair compensation for the amazing quality seafood he risks his life to catch.

Wondering what to get your Dad for Father’s Day?  Well, how does sustainably harvested live Dungeness crab, shipped overnight to Dad, directly from a fishing vessel sound?

Here are the details:

Vessel: AL-W

Captain: Ken Burns

Home Port: Eureka, CA

Harvest Grounds: Between Cape Mendocino & Eureka

Targeted Catch: Dungeness Crab

Species Name: Metacarcinus magister


How this will work:

Think of Captain Ken Burns as you would your neighborhood farmer or rancher. He has partnered with i love blue sea to cut out the middlemen and bring his seafood directly from the AL-W to your Papa’s plate! We will be in constant communication with the Captain and posting detailed progress on our facebook and twitter accounts, so you can be with the Captain every step of the way.

Why this is important for Captain Ken Burns:

The U.S. commercial fishing industry has been dying a slow death for decades.  The fisherman who risk their lives everyday have been beholden to corporate giants to make a living.  Catch prices have gone unchanged since the 80s while fuel costs have skyrocketed. By purchasing directly from his vessel you will be: allowing him to fetch a fair price for his amazing catch, rewarding him for his sustainable fishing practices, and standing up to unjust business practices by voting with your dollar.

Why this is important for you and your family:

Buying fresh seafood that is packaged and sent immediately after the boat returns to port will guarantee your Father receives the highest quality, most sustainably caught seafood on the planet! You will also be supporting fisherman who risk their lives to share their passion while protecting the vital ocean ecosystems that make life on our beautiful planet possible.




How to get on board:

Click on the link below to purchase and reserve your crab. Don’t forget to join our facebook page and twitter feed so you can follow this epic odyssey every step of the way.

Posted Jun 11th by Martin