Dungeness Crab Season is On!

For months now local fishermen have been preparing for the start of another exciting crab season...

The anticipation, and feeling in the air is akin to that before a big game. And for good reason: this is the super bowl of fisheries. Crab traps ready, rigging secured, restless crews, and nervous captains await the time where they can throw off the lines and head out to the sea.

Well the time is here!  This Thursday November 15, Dungeness Crab season officially opened here in San Francisco...

For most of us crab season marks a fresh start, one more chance to see our dreams come true; to work hard and reap the benefits of a bountiful season. Crab season is the last of the fisheries where anything is possible, dreams are both realized and broken on a daily basis. Because the fishery is so well managed, there are no catch limits and this means the chance for a truly prosperous season.


Wednesday morning around 3am, crab fishermen throughout the Bay Area threw off their lines and embarked on the journey out into the open Pacific. Working around the clock, crews tirelessly set crab traps in hopes of later finding them full.
For the next 3 to 6 months men and women will be braving an ocean at its most dangerous and unpredictable time.


Captain Ken Burns has been braving crab seasons for over 30 years to bring to shore the finest Dungeness crab available. Once again, The Burns Family and i love blue sea have teamed up to bring you crab. Straight from our family to yours.


No middlemen means you'll be enjoying this crab within 24 hours after it hits the docks. Quality starts at the boat, and the crew of the fishing vessel AL-W have been trained to save the biggest and best Dungeness Crab just for you. This means higher prices for them, and unmatched quality for you and your family.

Posted Nov 15th by Rocky