Farmed Salmon v. Wild Salmon - Color, Feed, Etc.


Let me start by saying not all farmed salmon is bad. Some farmed salmon, a very small percentage of it, is quite sustainable. Anything marketed as “Atlantic Salmon” is farmed as wild populations are commercially extinct. Issues with most farmed salmon:

1. Pens are in pristine areas where they foul surrounding waters with waste and antibiotics.

2. Pens are often near migrating wild salmon, exposing them to disease from farms and where farmed salmon, bred for sedentary lives and rapid growth, can escape and breed with the wild natives. This destroys highly specific genetics developed over many moons to be perfectly adapted to the tributary they call home.

3. Unfavorable feed conversion ratio - meaning it takes more protein to than it creates. By most estimates, Three kg of wild fish make one kg of farmed salmon. These are usually small forage fish, like anchovies and sardines, which are incredibly healthy to humans and contain more Omega 3s than the salmon.


What to do?
Eat wild salmon or a try something new and sustainable. Both Arctic Char and Steelhead trout taste very similar and are farmed in closed-containment systems and fed primarily vegetarian feed so these problems are eliminated.

What can I do?
1. Ask questions to let people know it's important to you.
2. Use your dollars to support fisheries doing good.
3. Tell others!

Posted Jul 20th by Martin