Fishing Methods: Trawling

Trawling, like dredging, can be a harmful and controversial fishing method. Luckily Anna Marie Seafood utilizes a sustainable alternative for their Gulf shrimp.

We can confidently say that all our products are caught in a sustainable manner. To make such a claim we had to do our homework on the different methods used to harvest seafood, and the consequences of these methods. We want our customers to also benefit from our research, so enjoy our "Fishing Methods Series."


 This is the most popular fishing method in the US. About 54% of seafood caught in the US is caught using this method.

Bottom Trawling

This method is very similar to dredging in that it involves fishing gear trailing across the seabed to catch shrimp and other bottom dwelling fish. Unfortunately, the effects of bottom trawling are also similar to those of dredging. The heavy gear disrupts the seabed and the creatures living there, often destroying both. Bycatch is another negative result of bottom trawling.

Video Credit: Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch

Midwater Trawl

 Our shrimp producer, Anna Marie Seafood, opts for a more sustainable alternative: midwater trawling. This method does little damage to the seabed because the nets are dragged at higher levels in the water, above the seabed. With the addition of streamliners, they decrease the amount of bird bycatch. Anna Marie Seafood also utilizes the short drag method, which empties the nets more frequently, allowing them to remove any bycatch while it is still alive.

Video Credit: Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch

So there you have it. A brief overview of trawling. There are many sustainable alternative to bottom trawling, and we are proud to support responsible Gulf shrimpers like Lance Nacio of Anna Marie Seafood.

Posted Jul 3rd by Danielle