Fresh, Safe and Sustainable Seafood

In an era where shopping for food is becoming more and more dificult, our goal is to stand out heading the other direction. We do all the research so you can buy anything knowing that it is astoundingly fresh, healthy for you, and the best choice for our environment.

Astoundingly Fresh

Unless you harvested it yourself, we've got the freshest products to be had.  We are tirelessly searching for the best on your behalf.  It's also about our credo towards sustainability - local means more fresh and less footprint.  That's what we're striving for.

Healthy for all!

We believe in eating lower on the food chain.  It's more sustainable for our planet.  It's also a great idea for your life.  Wild fish that are high on the food chain are high in contaminants.  If it's not something we eat, it's not something we sell.  Period.

Sustainable Seafood

Like 'organic' the term has been watered down.  There's no regulated definition and anyone can use it.  We explain why we sell every product and have agreed to follow, across the board, the recommendations of the leading authority on the subject, Monterey Bay Aquarium.

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