Giovanni's Fish Market

Family owned and operated for over 25 years, Giovanni’s Fish Market was founded by Morro Bay’s Mike DeGarimore, a commercial abalone diver.

Giovanni's Fish Market is mere steps away from the Morro Bay harbor, with stellar views of Morro Rock (pictured to the left).

Mike’s son, Giovanni says that as the son of an abalone diver he was the only kid in school with abalone sandwiches, while his classmates got to eat the more kid-friendly peanut butter and jelly.

Giovanni now carries on his father's legacy, and his market still carries sustainably farmed abalone.

Giovanni's Fish Market sources sustainable seafood from the local Central Californian fleets that come in and out of Morro Bay.

As the sun sets, there is still a line for Giovanni's Fish Market, popular with locals and tourists alike.

From fresh seafood to award-winning chowders and crab cakes--Giovanni's offers his favorite tastes from the Pacific Ocean to customers around the country.

Giovanni's locally smoked black cod is one of our new favorites.

Posted Apr 1st by Danielle