Grassy Bar Oyster Co.

George Trevelyan had over 20 years of experience in the seafood business and a Ph.D in shellfish ecology when he turned his passion to cultivating Grassy Bar oysters in 2009.

Located on the southern edge of Morro Bay, these oysters feed off the open Pacific waters.

The Trevelyan family takes pride in cultivating and harvesting their oysters by hand, while running their farm to have low impact on the surrounding environment.

Grassy Bar Oyster Co. uses lunar-powered oyster bed, meaning that the tides (thanks to the pull of the moon) churn the waters that feeds the oysters with pure phytoplanktons from the sea. The oysters' shells thicken and are polished by the water rushing around them as they grow within their mesh bags.

From the ocean, by the ocean.

When the Trevelyan family took over the Grassy Bar oyster bed, they saw that Morro Bay had accumulated litter from many years of abandoned oyster equipment. The Trevelyan's held several clean-ups to remove the litter, including nearly 3000 ft of pvc pipes and an old barge boat.

By caring for their bay, they knew their oysters would thrive.

The ocean and our tastebuds thank them for their efforts!

The Grassy Bar Oyster Co. is emblematic of the Central Californian coast. Briny and refreshing, these oysters have an unmistakable watermelon finish.

Close your eyes and you can feel the sun on your face, the ocean breeze grazing over sand dunes and beach grass.

The Trevelyan's neighbors over at Giovanni's Fish Market sell Grassy Bar oysters to locals and handle shipping, so the Trevelyans can focus on cultivating oysters.

So sit back. Let the Trevelyan family and Giovanni's Fish Market deliver the Grassy Bar oysters to you.



Posted May 9th by Danielle