H.M. Terry Co. - Sewansecott Oysters & Clams

Shipped hours after harvest directly to your door. Doesn't get any fresher than this!

We love oysters, you love oysters and and we all know that perfect oyster when we taste it. To get that clean and briny taste involves a lot of work, and that's why we're so excited to be working with a shellfish producer with strict, time-tested standards for quality oyster cultivation—H.M. Terry Co.

Hailing from the Eastern Shore of Virginia, H.M. Terry Co is a family owned and operated company focused on providing the highest quality and sustainable shellfish. Founded in 1903 by Henry Miller Terry Sr., they've been producing amazing oysters for over 109 years, spanning four generations.

Their hands-on approach won us over. They start by spawning their own Sewansecott clams and oysters, carefully seeded in their nursery until they are ready to be “planted” and raised to market size in the seaside waters of Hog Island Bay.

The remarkable natural environment of Hog Island Bay is renowned for producing clean and briny shellfish. Located within the 80-mile chain of undeveloped barriers islands, Hog Island has been designated as a United Nations Biosphere Reserve. The bay waters are far from any rivers, making these Sewansecott oysters and clams truly “ocean filtered”, imparting a unique salty, sweet flavor.

Sewansecott oysters and clams will ship mere hours after being harvested from the waters of Hog Island Bay


i love blue sea is proud to make Sewansecott oysters available nationwide, connecting you, the consumer, directly back to the fishermen.  Order online for honest seafood direct from the source.

Posted Oct 23rd by Danielle