We've moved to Pier 45

Looking out from the warehouse reminds us daily what we're working for - our ocean

This week i love blue sea moved into new facilities at Pier 45. We are excited for our new space we’re sharing with TwoXSea, fantastic views of the Golden Gate Bridge, and a fresh start as we rev up for some pretty big changes.

Our vision all along has been to disintermediate the seafood industry--getting quality seafood directly from the fishing boat to you.

Your typical grocery store seafood passes through a dozen middlemen, on average, limiting its freshness and any traceability. We guarantee 100% traceability for all of our sustainably caught and harvested seafood by sourcing directly from artisanal fisherman and passing the savings and each item’s unique story onto you.

It's a lofty goal, but the times are changing in the seafood industry, especially here in San Francisco. Fishermen need to make a living, our oceans need to replenish, and consumers need the healthy benefits of quality and responsible seafood. Now is the time to make all this happen.

Looking South from Pier 45

To reach this goal, we are starting anew with our product offerings and adding only items that meet these stringent criteria.  We have been talking with lots of different fishermen and oyster farmers over the past few months and will be adding them to our site over the coming weeks and months.

We’re starting with a team favorite—McFarland Springs Trout. It’s one of the most sustainably farmed fish we know of, with a flavor and texture much like wild salmon.

Stay hooked as we add more honest seafood direct from the source.

Posted Oct 17th by Martin