How-To Host a Crab Feed

Crab feeds bring people together. For a truly memorable meal, our Dungeness crabs bring the taste of the sea straight to the table, perfect for your next family dinner or friendly gathering.

Are you ready to be the King Crab among your family, friends, and coworkers? Our How-To Host a Crab Feed will be your guide.

Our guarantee is the freshest seafood that you've ever tasted.

When is the best time to host a crab feed?

The best time to host a crab feed is January to April. The brisk weather pairs well with the briny and subtlety sweet crabmeat.

How is the crab delivered?

Our Dungeness crabs are unloaded at San Francisco’s Pier 45, where we pack and ship them to your door. You can choose from live or cooked crabs.

Captain Ken Burns of the Al-W harvests Dungeness crabs along the Pacific coast of Northern California.

How much do I need to buy?

One crab weighing 2lbs generally yields 1lb of crab meat. If served with other side dishes, we recommend planning one crab per person. Our live crabs range from 1.75 – 2.25 pounds, and are handpicked for both size and quality.

What is an average price for crab?

We sell our crabs at market price. i love blue sea gives our customers free shipping, making our Dungeness crabs a bargain for the freshness and quality we guarantee.

It’s alive! What do I do with it?

Our tips and instructional with photos will have you cracking crabs like a pro in no time.

What else do I need for a crab feed?

Our favorite dips include melted butter, homemade aioli, and cocktail sauce.
  • Bibs, tablecloths, napkins.
  • Toothpicks or small forks are useful for getting every last morsel from your crabs. The pinkie claw (smallest crab claw) also makes for a handy utensil.
  • Crab crackers are helpful for opening stubborn claws. You can buy a cracker at checkout.

What food goes well with crab?

Crab feeds are low-key and casual, so we recommend keeping the other dishes the same way. Finger foods and small plates keep with the theme. Or in the Northern California tradition, serve with bowls of clam chowder and oven-warmed sourdough bread.

What drinks go well with Dungies?

Crab cracking is thirsty work, and we personally enjoy an icy IPA beer or white wine.


Unless you catch them yourself, there is no fresher way to get quality Dungeness crabs this year.

So order up and dig in!

Posted Jan 28th by Danielle