Our Golden Rules for Shellfish Freshness

We love the word “fresh”. There is no better way to describe seafood.

As the #1 word associated with seafood, it’s hard to tell when seafood is actually fresh, and how freshness is measured and verifiable.

While all of our shellfish is shipped to you the day of harvest, most grocery stores and restaurants offer shellfish 5-10 days old.

In addition, most shellfish has sat in saltwater tanks and while this keeps them alive, their freshness decreases after a certain point.

For shellfish, there are several reasons why we only sell them direct from the bay where they are harvested. The following are i love blue sea’s Golden Rules for Shellfish Freshness:


  • Keep thy shellfish to thy bay – Our shellfish are always shipped less than 2 days out of the water from harvest date.
Most of our shellfish farms guarantee shipping less than 24 hours from the water to your doorstep.
  • Thou shalt preserve Aqua Terroir – It’s a fancy word referring to their environment. Just as wine grapes pull flavors from their surroundings, each oyster tastes uniquely like the water it lives and feeds in.  Hence, most oysters are named after their respective bay inlet.
  • Treat thy Shellfish as thyself – Shellfish live simple lives. Their singular mission is to attach to one place and stay there. We harvest them and eat them as fresh to harvest date as possible, keeping them happy as a clam.
Wonder where the phrase "happy as a clam" came from? Ask our Sewansecott Littleneck clams
  • Coldness leads to Deliciousness– Keep shellfish nice and cool.  We recommend the crisper of your fridge with a damp towel over them
  • Covet not your neighbor’s shellfish – Each oyster is unique and some look better than others.  Nonetheless, keep your eyes on your own oyster and savor it.  Repeat.
  • Traceability is godliness – All shellfish ordered through i love blue sea includes a shellfish tag for traceability. Accept nothing less.
Each shellfish tag has the information of where and when the shellfish were harvested.


For more information on becoming a shellfish connoisseur, check out Rowan Jacobsen's Oyster Guide. From maps to taste profiles, consider it the Appendix to our Golden Rules.

Posted Nov 25th by Danielle