Know Your Producer: Chesapeake Gold Oysters

Chesapeake Gold Oysters are the result of modern innovation grounded by the historic traditions of Maryland watermen. It's the unique tastes of the Chesapeake Bay estuaries.

CG washing onboard Chesapeake Gold oysters are harvested outside of the aptly named Fishing Creek, Maryland

Hooper’s Island Oyster Aquaculture Company does sustainability their way. They’ve created innovative equipment and systems to meet the needs of their oyster growers and protect their waterways. Chesapeake Gold Oysters were the natural progression for Hooper's Island, using their equipment to cultivate high quality oysters in their Chesapeake Bay.

CG_oyster boat 2 Looking more like recreational weekend boats than oyster barges, Chesapeake Gold designed their boats to be both practical and stylish.

Shielded from the hot sun, the Chesapeake Gold oyster farmers are able to harvest, sort, and wash all oysters on-board.

CG_washing oysters Hooper's Island self-designed equipment streamlines their process, shortening the time from their bay to your door.

The mid salinity of the Chesapeake Bay produces a crisp texture and clean sweet flavor, with tasting notes varying from Jerusalem artichokes to creamed corn, to even a not-quite ripe banana. Many oysters are cultivated in the Chesapeake Bay and its estuaries, and the Chesapeake Gold oysters are a true testament to "merroir", or the influence of location on the flavor and texture of an oyster.

CG_oyster boxes They're a memorable experience for first-time oyster eaters and connoisseurs alike.





Posted Nov 5th by Danielle