Lobster Wontons by Laura Smith

This one dazzles! I try to keep a batch or two in the freezer to be pulled out at a moment’s notice, warmed in the oven from frozen, and wow. You will get praises.  It’s also perfect for using leftover lobster, which I never have. The ingredients below will yield approximately 25 wontons. This recipe comes from Laura’s mom Lois, who’s no longer with us and Laura says she’s sure it’s from a PTA group or some other organization that we’d contact and give credit to - if we only knew.

8 oz. lobster meat chopped

1-2 scallions (I only use green part for this recipe)

4 oz. cream cheese at room temp

¼ c. or less crumbled feta cheese

1 t. Dijon mustard

1 splash (tablespoon maybe?) white wine

fine chopped tarragon to taste (tablespoon)

salt and pepper

Wonton wrappers from the supermarket. I use round ones, but square works too.

By now you’ve figured that the cream cheese is simply keeping everything bound together and offers little to the flavor. Don’t worry about measuring here. If you really like feta cheese, add more.

Get a little cup of water nearby. I have a handheld wonton press that makes a nice edge to this appetizer, but it’s not needed. Place a scant teaspoon mixture in the center of a wrapper, dip one finger in the water and wet the entire edge of the wrapper. You want to seal this bundle so fold over the edge gently squeezing out any air. Once folded hold the edge firmly for a minute to make sure you have a good seal. Place on lightly oiled baking sheet. These look a bit like potstickers. If freezing now for use later you’re all set. If cooking now:

375 degree oven. Middle rack.

Spray wontons with cooking spray (no need to use aerosol can, there are pump bottles you can fill with your own oil. These brown up nicely in my oven in twelve minutes but might take longer (or shorter) in yours. They’re ready when they’re brown and slightly puffed.

Big caution here! Don’t let guests grab one of these immediately or they’ll burn their mouth. They need a minute to cool.

When I make these with crab I leave out the tarragon as it’s such a strong herb. I’ve made some with shrimp and dill.

Cooking from frozen:  Do not thaw. Place on slightly oiled baking dish and spray all over with oil. Same 375 degree oven. They’ll brown in about 15 minutes.

Posted Oct 10th by Maria