Loki Fish Co.

Loki Fish Co. is a well-known name around Seattle. As a regular presence at farmers markets and local food shops, their wild salmon products are revered for their unparalleled taste.

In 1979, Pete Knutson began selling his Loki salmon directly to customers, even though most other fishermen were selling their entire catch wholesale. He saw the future of the fishing industry as one that replaced a faceless industry with independent boats. Where fishermen are rewarded for quality over quantity of fish.

Family owned and operated since 1979, Loki Fish Co. is all about seafood direct from their family to yours.

Knutson’s vision is realized at Loki Fish Co. Loki salmon are gillnet-caught, carefully picked from the nets by hand, bled and dressed onboard, them immediately chilled in below-freezing seawater holds. Using time-tested recipes, they even smoke the salmon themselves.

Hand-picked and hand-smoked, you'll taste the difference!

Depending on the season, you can find the F/V Njord or F/V Loki fishing out of the Puget Sound in Washington, or following the wild salmon up to southeast Alaska, where they also catch Alaskan halibut.

The F/V Loki is considered part of the Knutson family, so it's no wonder that they take equal care of their salmon--from harvest to the customer.

Headquartered in Fisherman's Terminal in Seattle, Loki Fish Co. is at the heart of Puget Sound fishing.

Regional favorites of the Pacific Northwest, Loki products are now available nationwide through i love blue sea!


Posted Nov 19th by Danielle