Our President has Great Taste!

Grilled Coho Salmon


We got a call last week from our friend, Chef Gustavo Romero, of Credo Restaurant. He excitedly told us that they had been selected to cater a luncheon for President Obama right above their tony restaurant in the financial district here in San Francisco.

He told us that Obama loves Coho salmon (good taste, our president) and we thought what better product to highlight than the first sustainably farmed salmon from our friend, Per Heggelund. Most farmed salmon is bad, but Per's company, SweetSpring does it so right. It's sustainable, healthy and amazingly delicious.

In the words of local food mag, GrubStreet, "Salmon at Obama Fundraiser Lunch Deemed Very Good."

The Main Himself, Barack Obama


Chef Gustavo


Posted Jul 11th by i love blue sea