Oyster Farms, Pike Place Market, and Other Adventures

Last weekend Martin, Rocky and Danielle from i love blue sea took a trip to the Pacific Northwest.

Our destination was the Fisher Poets gathering in Astoria, OR, which you can read about here. There is a lot to be said for the journey though, and ours took us to Seattle and along the coast of Washington.

We found the famous gum wall at Pike Place Market in Seattle. The photo op with our beloved banner was priceless.

In Seattle, we met with our friends from Loki Fish Co, confessing our team’s extreme love of salmon roe. At Pike Place Market we stopped by the famous fish-throwing stall. Besides their catchy chants, visitors are drawn to them for their large offering of sustainable seafood.

We followed highways winding past inlets like “Oyster Bay” to find Taylor Shellfish Farms in Shelton, WA.

After a full tour of their bustling facilities, we tasted their quarter-sized Olympia oysters, tiny but packed with flavor. Photo: Craig Lee for the Chronicle

Continuing along we visited Hama Hama Oyster Co. in Lilliwaup, WA. Within minutes of stepping into their store, we were handed home-smoked oysters. Over even more of their original Hama Hama oysters, we were shown maps of the land that’s been in their family for more than four generations. We talked shop about restorative oyster farming, which heals bays by filtering out harmful nitrogen and algal blooms.

i love blue sea's Danielle at the top of Hama Hama's oyster mound.

Seafood producers like these are true disciples of “fresh”, preaching the message and leading by example. They take the time to process their fish on board, and harvest oysters within hours of sending them to customers around the country.

The sun even peeked out amidst the gray skies as we continued our trek, a sure sign in the Northwest of good fortune.

Posted Mar 4th by Danielle