Red's Best

In an industry where fraud and mislabeling is rampant, we understand it is more crucial than ever to have a trusted, honest source for seafood. This is why we are excited to announce (again!) our new partnership with Red’s Best of Boston, MA.


Live lobster shipping straight from Boston Fish Pier!

Red’s Best was born from the mind of Jared Auerbach, a bright young fisherman from Boston who majored in mathematics and then cut his teeth fishing on commercial vessels in out in Alaska and then closer to home in Cape Cod.

Jared, like us, takes pride in telling the unique story of every fisherman he works with.

Historic Boston Fish Pier is home to Red's Best, and some mighty good seafood!

From hook to plate, each story is preserved with Red’s Best Traceability System, a web-based software that generates unique web addresses for each specific catch. You can use your smart phone to scan the QR code located on the packaging, accessing key information about the catch.

Each QR code tells the story of the seafood--from who caught it, to what vessel it was harvested on, the type of gear used, and port of origin where it was unloaded.

We're starting with a few great products and hope to add more over the coming months.  Red's Best is doing cool stuff using technology to master traceability for their amazing seafood and we're confident you'll love their catch as much as we do.

Posted Nov 12th by Danielle