Sarah's Seafood

Sarah’s Seafood is owned and operated by Sarah Weippert, a fifth generation fisherman in Midcoast Maine.

Growing up in Maine, Sarah was surrounded by fresh seafood.

In Brunswick, Maine, Sarah was inducted into the commercial fishing industry by her lobsterman grandfather. Throughout college she worked as a dockhand and in a local seafood market. Though she tried to step away, the sea kept calling her name.

Sarah dove right into the seafood business, literally starting by diving for wild Belon oysters off the coast of Maine.

Sarah's Seafood was born, and she has since expanded to provide other Maine delicacies such as diver scallops, steamer clams, and prepared dishes using recipes passed down from her grandmother.

The "before" shot of a diver-caught scallop.

Diver-caught scallops are a more sustainable alternative to the traditional method of "dredging", which has high levels of bycatch, or unintended catch, and harms the seafloor habitats.

The "after" shot: pan-seared diver scallops with a sweet chili sauce. Sustainable and tasty!

These are the fresh flavors of Maine, from Sarah’s Seafood.


Posted Apr 1st by Danielle