Seafood Summit 2012 is Underway! i love blue sea represents

Asia is the epicenter of the seafood trade, and so it makes sense that this year’s Seafood Summit, hosted by Seaweb is in the bustling city of Hong Kong.

Producers and restaurateurs, conservations groups, journalists and policymakers from around the world will gather to discuss issues ranging from high seas fishing to innovative aquaculture.

Joining the global discussion this year is i love blue sea’s very own Martin Reed. We are thrilled for Martin to meet up with fellow seafood entrepreneurs, debuting i love blue sea at the world’s largest gathering for ocean conservation and seafood sustainability.  He will be presenting on the Intersection of Seafood Sustainability and Logistics along with Olivia Wu of Google.  They will discuss their experiences working directly with fishermen to bring their fresh catch directly into the hands of Google employees and Bay Area residents. Together they are working to create a standardized process for allowing local producers and consumers to transact without the middlemen.

Posted Sep 7th by Maria