Smoked Salmon Pesto Pasta

This recipe for Smoked Salmon Pesto Pasta is brought to you by i love blue sea’s part-time Deckhand/Blogger, Danielle Bradford.

Two summers ago I traveled to Alaska to try my hand as a wild woman in the great wilderness. I had never camped before, or worked on a fishing boat, but I did both and fell in love with it all.

Not bad for a girl from the suburbs!

Smoked salmon and canned salmon were a form of currency up on the Prince William Sound, and integral to boat living. We used it in everything.

Freshly caught wild salmon was taken to the local cannery, and in a week we had a flat of little mason jars stuffed to burst with canned salmon.

More often than I'll admit in person, I ate mine straight out of the jar with a fork. If I couldn’t find a fork, my pocket knife and hands worked just as well. It was that good.

One of my favorite recipes for using canned salmon was in a pesto pasta with lots of goat cheese. It's simple enough for a weeknight or cold lunch, and so satisfying after a long day.



10 oz Loki Smoked or Canned Salmon


salmonpestopasta It's a tradition that started one late night on a friend's boat, and has carried on long since I returned to the lower 48.

1/4 c  pesto, if you're feeling adventurous, try our friend Giovanna's Walnut and Kale Pesto Recipe)

1/4 c  goat cheese

1 can garbanzo beans, drained

1 container cherry tomatoes, halved

1 (16 oz) package pasta, Fusili is my favorite

Grated parmesan cheese

Olive oil



Cook the pasta, then drain and return hot to the pot. Add a drizzle of olive oil, pesto, and goat cheese, stirring together until the pasta is evenly coated.

Add the smoked or canned salmon (Loki uses only the natural juices, so add it all, it's so good!), garbanzo beans, and cherry tomatoes.

Gently fold in the rest of the ingredients and sprinkle generously with parmesan.


Voila! It’s so easy, even a seasick first-time deckhand can make it!

Posted Jan 23rd by Danielle