Sustainable Yellowfin At Last!


Yellowfin tuna, also known as ahi in Hawaiian or maguro in Japanese, is one of the crown jewels at a sushi bar.  These large schooling fish of the open sea can migrate hundreds of miles through the oceans.   An issue common to the yellowfin tuna industry is the gear utilized to catch them. Longlines, purse seines, and trolled hand lines are all used to land these fish, and each has a different impact on the ecosystem.


Longlines tend to have high levels of bycatch (unintended species and juveniles that are caught and discarded), thus indiscriminately killing turtles, sharks, seabirds, juvenile tuna, and other animals. Purse seines—a large net pulled around a school of fish—are generally better than longlines, but they too can be highly destructive.  Hand lines are relatively precise in terms of targeting only tuna.

Until now, we have not offered yellowfin tuna because although it can be considered sustainable according to the Seafood Watch guidelines, there is a high amount of fraud in the industry and accurately determining this information is difficult.


One of our main sources is ABS Seafood in San Francisco.  We love that they are leading the way in sustainability and have recently dropped several unsustainable options from their product list.  Chris, one of the owners recently traveled to the Philippines in order to lock up a source of sustainable hand-line caught tuna that would enable us to be certain of it catch method, origin and even allow us to trace the fish back to the boat.  Chris met with local fishermen in General Santos, Philippines and was able to take pictures for us of their fishermen, vessels and gear.


We are very excited to be able to find and offer you sustainable yellowfin tuna and will definitely continue to monitor the sustainability of this species, as well as every other product we offer.


Every time you spend a dollar with us you are showing the fishing industry that you support those that are making ethical, sustainable decisions.   It’s not just about having the best quality seafood for us – we also pledge that it is the most sustainable! We hope that you will help us spread the word to your friends and family about the best way to restore the oceans while enjoying the freshest seafood available!

Posted Nov 8th by Martin