A common saying among San Francisco’s seafood circles is that “All roads of sustainability lead to Kenny Belov of TwoXSea". 

TwoXSea was founded in 2009 when co-owner Kenny Belov was fed up with the dishonest practices and lack of fair pay in the fishing industry. As a restaurant owner Kenny got an inside look at many of the issues consumers were facing when seeking sustainable seafood, and he set out to correct them.


Kenny Belov with the perfect farmed rainbow trout from McFarland Springs Farm

As one of San Francisco’s only true sustainable wholesalers, TwoXSea sources the majority of their seafood directly from the fisherman or shellfish producer. You can find much of this delicious seafood at Kenny’s restaurant in Sausalito – Fish.

Photo Credit: Far Out City

With the help of William Foss and David McFarland, the McFarland Spring Trout Farm was established, utilizing hydroelectric power from the surrounding Sierra Nevada mountains to mimic the trout’s natural environment and supply the farm with electricity.

The main difference of the McFarland Springs rainbow trout from other farmed fish is their diet. Thanks to the innovative vegetarian and non-GMO feed used, the trout at TwoXSea have even more omega 3’s than wild salmon! The pesticide- free habitat and pristine mountain water provides a superior texture and mildly sweet flavor.

With a product that promises quality, and an intentionally sustainable farm, it’s no wonder that TwoXSea is our top choice for rainbow trout.


Posted Jul 16th by Danielle