Ward Oyster Company

The Ward Oyster Company's unique location at the mouth of the Ware River, near Mobjack Bay, gives the Lone Point oyster a deliciously balanced flavor and brininess.

It's a good life being an oyster farmer in Gloucester, VA.

Started in 1986 selling locally sourced,wild-caught oysters to customers, John Vigiotta joined the team in 1989. His passion for aquaculture led Ward Oyster Company to cultivating their own oysters.In 2003, this became the Ward Oyster Company's sole focus.

Since 2003, the Ward Oyster Company has cultivated their own oysters--the Lone Point--unique to their location. Growing their own oysters is a long process that averages 3 years.

In their oyster nursery, oysters have the perfect environment to naturally spawn.

By producing their own oyster larvae, they are able to keep pressure off the wild oyster stocks.

Next stop: Mobjack Bay!

Lovingly cared for through their seedling phase, the oysters are placed in cages around the mouth of the Ware River--prime position for all the algae they can eat.

From their oyster barge to your door, this is how Ward harvests the Lone Point oysters.

Unless you are a resident of Gloucester county, VA, this is the best way to get your Lone Point oyster.

Watch out, customers have been known to eat a dozen all to themselves (including someone on the i love blue sea team).

Oyster hoarding is common when it comes to the Lone Point, so order accordingly.

Taking pride in their land, sustainable aquaculture practices, and the high quality of their oyster—this is what makes Ward Oyster Company a great addition to i love blue sea.


Posted Apr 1st by Danielle