what i love blue sea is all about

i love blue sea is honest seafood direct from the source...


So what does this mean?  Our mission is to disrupt the current system by making it convenient for you to purchase healthy, sustainably harvested seafood, direct from responsible fishermen and have it delivered right to your door...


Why is this important?  First I'd like to introduce Ted: Ted and his family own a small fishing vessel. Ted only fishes using sustainable harvesting practices and takes great pride in the quality of his catch.



Unfortunately, Ted's primary market is selling his hard earned catch to a "middleman", which in return pays him a very small dollar amount.  Sometimes not even enough to cover his fuel bill, but together we are working to change that!


Meanwhile... the fish he sold, that was harvested responsibly, gets thrown in with all sorts of other fish that have been caught using much more harmful practices.  This seafood will then travel through what is a very long and complicated supply chain, changing numerous hands along the way...  By the time your "fresh" fish reaches market it is often weeks old, and near impossible to tell where it came from.
Some seafood is even mislabeled to be passed on as a more "desirable" product that will fetch a higher price on the market.  This makes it even more challenging to be sure that your seafood is truly fresh, and sustainable.


So how can you reward Ted for his hard work and superior catch?  We feel you should buy your seafood directly from Ted, and others like him, to help support honest fishermen everywhere. In turn, Ted will get the money and notoriety he deserves for being a steward of the ocean and setting a good example for others to follow.


By cutting out the middlemen you receive truly fresh, sustainable seafood directly from the fisherman who caught it. Seafood so fresh it begs to be eaten raw.


We are partnering with fishermen just like Ted all across the nation so that everyone can support honest fishermen, and have access to truly fresh, sustainable seafood.  Thank you so much for your support!


Posted Nov 12th by Martin