Why we choose to sell only sustainable seafood

The point of this blog is simply to improve the state of our oceans.  I hope to accomplish that by bringing to light unsustainable practices in the seafood industry and promoting sustainable seafood.  Out with the bad, in with the good!

Over just the past fifty years, the seafood industry has decimated something that belongs to you and I.  90% of the large predatory fish, such as shark, some types of tuna, swordfish and many other majestic creatures have been fished right out of the ocean.  We currently stand on the precipice of destroying our oceans beyond repair.  But there’s hope!


Sustainable seafood means the species is abundant and well managed.  It also entails that it is caught or farmed in an environmentally friendly way.  If something is not sustainable that means we cannot continue our current practices indefinitely because something is out of balance.

There are a good number of fisheries that are making responsible decisions and caring for our mutual property, the oceans.  They are leading the recovery of returning life to our oceans and rejuvenating them to their once pristine state.  Our mission is to support them by providing you with the freshest, most sustainable seafood.  That’s right, you can support our oceans by enjoying the freshest, tastiest, healthiest seafood around.

Don’t worry about giving up things you’ve eaten your whole life.  Sustainable seafood is about trying new things and giving the overused items a break.  There are tons of great alternatives and you’ll quickly forget about that fish that used to call you drunk and talk you into making bad decisions.  The best part is sustainable seafood has more good things, like Omega 3s and less bad things, like mercury.  So be kind to yourself and the oceans.  You’ll be happier.  The oceans will be healthier.  And your grandkids will have a chance to enjoy the oceans with life in them.

Posted Jul 12th by Martin