Why We Love Loki Salmon Roe (Ikura)

Confession: We eat Loki salmon roe, or Ikura, just about everyday.

On quinoa for breakfast? Yup. Over vegetables for lunch? Delicious. Even on our oatmeal (it's got sweet and salty).

Ikura and sardines combine omega 3s, calcium, and protein for a true breakfast of champs.

Taking our bowls with us on our morning walk along Pier 45, the other warehouse workers call us the "Breakfast Club", and the name fits. From coordinating shipments, to finding new seafood producers, and strategizing the future of sustainable seafood--we are fueled by the roe.

There is nothing like the burst of briny roe and the rush of omega-3s.

We've got science to back up our Breakfast Club. Omega 3s from salmon are proven to reduce the risk of heart disease. The high concentration of key minerals, vitamins, and omega 3s are especially crucial for pregnant women and children, directly linked to neurological development of children, from in utero to adolescence and beyond.

Not just any salmon roe will do. Loki wild Pacific salmon roe are brined on board, within hours of the salmon being brought out of the water. Instead of being an afterthought, Loki ensures that their Ikura are given the same amount of detailed attention that they give to preparing salmon fillets and smoked salmon.

Prepared on board, the freshness of Loki's Ikura are incomparable.

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner: Loki's Ikura keeps us going. Pure energy in a jar, delivered to your door.

Posted May 1st by Danielle