• Arctic Char Fillet (Iwana)
  • Arctic Char Fillet (Iwana)
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  • Arctic Char Fillet (Iwana)
  • Arctic Char Fillet (Iwana)

Arctic Char Fillet (Iwana)

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Salvelinus alpinus

  • As a member of the Salmonidae or trout and salmon family, this stunningly beautiful fish looks and tastes just like wild salmon and lends itself amazingly to modern sustainable aquaculture. Our arctic char is farmed in inland closed-containment systems that, unlike conventional salmon farms, pose no environmental threat to the surrounding ecosystems.

    Substitute this easily prepared fish into any recipe that calls for Salmon. Give it a try, we guarantee you will love it!

    • Fresh Arctic Char fillets
    • Trimmed, with pin bones removed

    • Product arrives fresh, use quickly.

      Use your fresh arctic char fillet within 2-3 days of arrival. Enjoy raw or cooked and substitute into any recipe that calls for salmon.

      Cooking Suggestions

      • raw / sushi
      • grill
      • pan fry
      • steam
      • smoke
      • bake
      • poach

      Tasting Notes

      Sweet, delicate, rich taste

    • Low mercury risk. It is a very good source of protein, and a food able to provide almost 15% of your daily value for omega-3 fatty acids.