• Crown Jewel Caviar
  • Crown Jewel Caviar
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  • Crown Jewel Caviar
  • Crown Jewel Caviar
Tsar Nicoulai

Crown Jewel Caviar

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I Love Blue Sea is now a part of Vital Choice.

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  • Tsar Nicoulai's most rare & spectacular offering. Majestic gold and platinum flecks present a jeweled effect with this, their largest bead of caviar. Buttery & creamy with a rich & clean finish, each memorable bite beautifully honors a tradition refined through the ages.

  • Delicately harvested American white sturgeon caviar, delivered directly from San Francisco, CA.

  • Product arrives fresh, use quickly.

    For best results store jars in your fridge surrounded by frozen ice packs. Unopened jars will maintain their freshness for five to six weeks, and opened jars should be enjoyed within two to three days.

    Cooking Suggestions

    • raw / sushi
  • Caviar is a storehouse of essential nutrients including:
    Omega 3: protects against certain cancers and improves cardiovascular health.
    Vitamin D: maintains healthy blood, teeth, and bones.
    Vitamin A: maintains healthy skin, bone growth, and vision.