• Valentine's Day Umami Package
  • Valentine's Day Umami Package
  • Valentine's Day Umami Package
  • Great Gift!
  • Valentine's Day Umami Package
  • Valentine's Day Umami Package
  • Valentine's Day Umami Package
Great Gift!

Valentine's Day Umami Package

Available Addons

  • Feve Chocolate Add-On $25
Please order by February 5 for delivery by Valentine's Day.
  • Make this Valentine's Day deliciously unique, and explore the culinary excitement behind 'Umami'. Japanese for "delicious taste", umami refers to the fifth taste sensation--after sweet, salty, bitter, and sour. Discover this fifth taste in our favorite umami-laden sustainable seafoods. Paired with chocolate truffles and wine, it's a mouth-watering start to Valentine's Day.

    We were inspired by Red Boat Fish Sauce - a product made with the kind of tender care and rustic ruggedness that send damsels swooning. Other brands are about half water and contain sugar and other unnecessary ingredients. Red Boat ferments pure wild black anchovies and salt in wooden barrels, all on the same island it's been made for over a hundred years. Quality fish sauce enhances every dish, making Red Boat our lifelong companion in the kitchen.

    Next we turned to our friend Maria, who recently started a company called Lightly Salted. She forages for ingredients, creates magical concoctions, and delivers them in beautiful jars. Her seaweed salt is just two ingredients: flaky white ocean salt and ground seaweed, both from the Sonoma Coast in California.

    Shiitake mushrooms and seaweed are great sources for that savory umami, so we sourced the best for our Valentine's Day special. Both include instructions on how to prepare and use. They're both great staples to have in the cupboard for a meal that needs a little extra umami.

    Straight from Italy, we love Rustichella's anchovy fillets. Perfect as a snack, in a Caesar dressing, or blended with lemon and butter and tossed with steamed veggies. Rich in Omega 3's and umami, and low in the food chain, anchovies are one of the most perfect fish to eat.

    To finish our tour de delicious, we're offering the optional add-on of exquisite truffles from our friend and chocolatier Shawn. His company, Feve, is winner of the Good Food award and renowned nationwide. Sean and Maria teamed up to bring you Feve truffles, dusted with Lightly Salted seaweed salt. It's a match made in heaven.

    Word for the wise: foods rich in umami are also an aphrodisiac, and these foods are some of the richest sources, so please exercise caution as you plan your special meal. Enjoy!

    • 500 mL bottle of Red Boat Fish Sauce
    • 1 jar of Rustichella Anchovy Fillets
    • 1 jar of Lightly Salted's Seaweed Salt
    • 2 ounces of dried Shiitake Mushrooms (over 1lb wet)
    • 1 jar of Lightly Salted's Gomasio (only sesame seeds and seaweed - perfect for adding crunch to everything!)
    • 1 ounce of seaweed salad (almost half a pound wet)
    • Optional 9 pieces of Feve Truffle Chocolates sprinkled with seaweed salt
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