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Hollywood Oyster Co

Hollywood Oyster

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  • A medium salinity and refreshingly nutty finish characterizes the Hollywood oyster. At about 3” these oysters are at the perfect size to be eaten raw on the half shell, but meaty enough to be grilled.

    “Oysters are back!” says Tal Petty of Hollywood Oyster Co. It’s all the glamour, minus the drama in Hollywood, Maryland. Blue herons always win best dressed, and the oyster nurseries are working year-round to grow these deep-cupped, ivory-shelled beauties.

  • Hollywood Oysters, harvested and delivered direct from St. Mary's County, MD

  • Product arrives live, use immediately.

    Shellfish can stay fresh for up to 7 days when treated with love. Upon arrival, remove your oysters from the box, gently place in a bowl, cover them with a wet a towel, and store in your fridge.

    Cooking Suggestions

    • raw / sushi
    • grill
    • smoke
    • deep fry
  • Oysters make your heart stronger and brain sharper due to their omega-3 fatty acids. They're also loaded with vitamin E, an antioxidant, and high levels of calcium, iron and vitamins keep your bones, blood and eyesight in good shape.

    The highest source of zinc found in any food and the amino acids in oysters also boost testosterone and estrogen, which is why they are touted as aphrodisiacs. Keep looking great, as oysters help maintain collagen levels in your skin and they are high in protein, but low in calories.