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We source only sustainable, high quality seafood.

Getting quality seafood can be a challenge. Even at the best market it's difficult to know just how old the product is or where it came from. In supermarkets, seafood can be as old as 30 days, often changing hands up to a dozen times.

Instead buy it directly from the fishermen. On our site we enable you to do just that. This means you get the highest quality product as fresh as possible — and we can tell you where it came from.

Unless you catch it yourself, it doesn't get any fresher than that!

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Direct from the Fishermen

Direct from the Fishermen

We work directly with fishermen to source our seafood.

We wanted access to only the highest quality seafood. So we went directly to the source — the fishermen themselves. Your seafood comes direct from the producers, many of which are family owned and operated.

If you buy oysters from Penn Cove, then you know they are harvested daily and ship directly from outside of Seattle, WA. Interested in Maine Lobster? Dorr Lobster Co. ships theirs directly out of their home in Maine.

With over 20 producers from every coast, we are connecting you back to the source.

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Delivered to your door.

Delivered on Your Terms

You pick your delivery date so it can be enjoyed at the peak of freshness. Every product shows its available delivery dates.

We ship Overnight Express using Fedex. We monitor all shipments in real-time until your shipment of oysters or salmon arrives, on-time for that special party, weeknight dinner, and everything in between.

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