• Lobster Tapas
  • Lobster Tapas
  • Lobster Tapas
  • Lobster Tapas
  • Lobster Tapas
  • Lobster Tapas
  • Lobster Tapas
  • Lobster Tapas
Hancock Gourmet Lobster Co.

Lobster Tapas

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  • Lobster Mac & Cheese $35
  • The perfect appetizer, this recipe is one of Cal’s new ones. A savory flatbread with artichokes, parsley, garlic, and of course Maine lobster meat. Not even the pecorino-romano cheese can hide the red lobster meat, making this appetizer an eye-catching, mouth-watering table topper.

    Wondering why our photo only includes 4 out of 12 tapas? Well some went “missing” while cooling on the counter. (Guilty parties are not sorry at all, they were delicious.)

  • Each case contains 12 ~4inch flatbread lobster tapas.

  • Product arives frozen, perfect for stocking your freezer.

    Your lobster tapas arrive frozen, with cooking instructions on the box.

    Cooking Suggestions

    • pan fry
    • bake
  • Not only is lobster meat lower in fat, calories and cholesterol than beef, pork and even the leanest chicken, it is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are helpful in the prevention of heart disease and hardening of the arteries. Lobster meat contains high levels of vitamins, A, B2, B3, B6 and B12, and is also a good source of potassium, calcium, zinc, phosphorous, iron, magnesium and amino acids.

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