• Yellowfin Tuna #1 Grade (Ahi)
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Yellowfin Tuna #1 Grade (Ahi)

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Thunnus albacares

  • Yellowfin Tuna is a member of the Mackerel family and the most tropical of the Tuna species. It is named after its yellow fins. Best known as Ahi, after the Hawaiian word for "fire", due to the vibrant red color of the flesh. Our Ahi is as fresh as it gets and we get it flown in directly from our source in the Phillipines. Tuna #1 "Sashimi-grade" is the best, being the freshest and having the highest fat content. The first nine months of our business, we did not sell Ahi. We finally found a reliable source that is sustainably caught and are pleased to support these fishermen. Read more about our decision on our blog. Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood WATCH® rates troll and pole-and-line caught Yellowfin Tuna from the western Pacific and the U.S. Atlantic and Pacific as “Best Choice” because of “minimal impacts of this fishing gear,” healthy/moderate stock status and the effectiveness of the management. Get some of this for your favorite poke recipe or enjoy simply with some wasabi and soy sauce!

  • Low in saturated fat and sodium; Ahi provides good amounts of protein and selenium.